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Prayer Web

Prayer Web

4 August, 2024 @ 10:00 AM

You are invited to join in the Living Faith Church Prayer Web

Paying for one another is one of the most faithful ways to model Jesus within our community. When we pray for one another in this way, we bring God into our relationships on purpose. We draw closer to God. We allow our relationships with one another to grow deeper.

What will I be doing?

You will pray for one person for half a school term. When, how, how often? That’s up to you! There is no need to pray out loud, no need to pray in their presence, and no need to pray at fixed times. Simply pray for them every now and then during half a school term in your way.

How does this work?

Joining the Prayer Web is simple. During your visit to the church, you can write your name on a slip of paper. If you wish, you can also include your email or phone number. We will have Prayer Web slips available for you to fill out, making it convenient for you to join this prayerful community.

Next, put your filled-out slip into the Prayer Web basket. Other people will do the same, and the basket will slowly fill. Then, twice per school term on a Sunday, you draw a slip from the basket. Living Faith Church will announce this before the day.

The name on the slip you’ve drawn is the person you will be praying for. Someone else will draw your name, and they will pray for you. And over time, we will form a Prayer Web!

What if I don’t know the person?

As someone to introduce you! If your person isn’t there that day, check next week, or give them a call!

What do I pray about for them?

Have a chat with them and find out what you can pray for.

- What’s coming up for them (school exams, travel, projects…)?

- What are they looking forward to?

- What might start, change, or conclude for them?

- …(you get the idea!)

Ideas and suggestions

- Take a moment to write down your own prayer points that you are happy to share. Be silent before God for a minute before you share them with your Prayer Web partner. You might even want to give them the list you write down.

- Write down one another’s prayer points as you chat. It helps to remember what you heard!

- Use a small object as a reminder of your Prayer Web partner and their prayer points (keep a bead in your pocket, put a sparkly sticker in your phone case, tie a ribbon on your bag,…)

- Send a one-word text or an emoji to your Prayer Web partner whenever you pray for them. Just to let them know that you are praying for them at that time.

- Is your prayer person happy to catch up with you? Awesome – get together for a chat!

A few guidelines

Living Faith Church is committed to being [a safe church]( That is why it is important that we all remember these points.

- Keep things confidential. Please do not share what the person has told you.

- If your child wants to participate in the Prayer Web, please consign their slip—this way, your child’s prayer partner will know that you give consent.

- If the name you draw is a child (that is, a person under 18 years), please observe the Living Faith Church child safe protocols in the Safe Church Policy found on the ‘[A Safe and Inclusive Church](’ page.

- Respect what and how much your Prayer Web partner is willing to share. Your role is simply to have their back by praying.