Living Faith Church

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23 October, 2017

Living Faith Church is holding worship services online and in person, every Sunday morning at 10:00AM. You can join us online by visiting our YouTube channel. The stream will go live on YouTube around 15 minutes before the service begins. If you would like to join us in person, you must book your place by 5:00PM on the day before the service. You can learn more about our COVID-safe services, and book your place online.

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We are a community of diverse people doing our best to live a life grounded in the love of Jesus and his teachings. We seek to be a positive presence in our workplaces and neighbourhoods, and bring the hope of Christ into our real life. We are formed by the cooperation of the Uniting Church and Church of Christ in Greensborough, with the belief that we can do more for Jesus together than we could apart.

Worship helps us to engage with God’s story of love, challenging us to grow as people. Our relationships with one another help us to go deeper and see the love of Jesus as it has formed and transformed others. Serving helps us to see God’s Spirit at work in the world, and join in with the opportunities to love all people as God has loved us.

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